How to reset or recover a lost Microsoft Account password?

March 12, 2013 by in Ask Dave Taylor

How to reset or recover a lost Microsoft Account password?

By Dave Taylor

The Question:Now that I’ve moved into the world of Windows 8, I’m finally trying to get started with SkyDrive and find that it requires I log in to my Microsoft Account. I never even knew I had a Microsoft account, actually, but my guess is that it’s based on my Hotmail account info or something. In any case, I can’t remember my password. What’s my option to regain access and recover my password?

Dave’s Answer:

You’re right about your Microsoft Account being based on previous accounts you might have set up with different Microsoft properties, notably either Windows Live Messenger or Hotmail (now called, of course). However you slice it, really the easiest way to deal with a lost password is to simply set up a new account and start over. But that’s tedious and it can be annoying to have multiple accounts and not know what’s what.

As with every other service, however, Microsoft has a password recovery program, though it’s really a “verify your identity and we’ll let you reset your password to something new” if you really want to be honest about it. Thing is, Microsoft keeps track of all your old passwords (presumably in an encrypted manner, so they’re not all just sitting on a server somewhere in the clear, waiting to have some enterprising hacker extract everything!). As you’ll see, shortly!

When I was recently writing about SkyDrive I had the same issue, actually, that I couldn’t remember my account password. Here’s how I fixed things…

First off, I logged in to my Microsoft account. Or thought I did, but it turns out that, well, the password I entered was incorrect:


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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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11 Responses to How to reset or recover a lost Microsoft Account password?

  1. karennyambura says:

    who will help me with my password

  2. Logan says:

    Here I can help you to reset the Microsoft account password online. Detailed steps are as follows:

    1. Visit the Microsoft Account Sign In page, then click “can’t access your account?” and enter the email address you use to login. In the other field, for security purposes enter the text you see and then click or touch the Next button.

    2. On the next screen, choose either “Email me a reset link”. You’ll be presented with one or more email addresses that you’ve previously associated with your Microsoft account. Or you can provide a new one.
    3. Check your email account and look for a message from Microsoft account team. Click the password reset link included in that email.
    4. In the New Password field, and again in the Reenter password field, enter the new password you’d like to use for your Microsoft account.
    After finishing the steps above you can log in to your computer with the new password.
    You can also refer to Method 2 on

  3. Snow Johnson says:

    I want to share my experience to you. Here are some suggestions in the following.
    1. Make certain: Be sure you use the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.
    2. Using a Windows password recovery disk, if you don’t prepare one, the third method is more suitable for you.
    3. Using the third-party reset tools, such as Windows Password Killer. More iinf

  4. I think Microsoft Account password reset is similar with Windows password reset. We can use reset tool or cracker, like Windows password reset can depend on Anmosoft Windows Password Reset ( But the most important thing is which tool we choose.

  5. So I never used the microsoft account I used to set up office and completely forgot the name I used thinking I wouldn't need it. Wrong.

    In order to download app updates etc I did need the info or would have to create another account on my pc, only there was no account name recovery available from microsoft without great hassle.

    Luckily I found the name when I logged into word in the top right. Hope that saves some people the trouble.

  6. Sharon Kalhofer says:

    I am told I am not who I am and they CLAIM I have a wrong security question which I NEVER EVER USE

  7. I need help so bad.I need to converse with someone who is a computer genius, coz neither my camera NOR skype will work on my laptop because microsoft wont recognise my new gmail address. Is it fixable???

  8. Joe Loreti says:

    If you use Microsoft account to sign in to your Windows 8 PC but forgot the password, you can reset the password and regain access to your PC using this trick:

  9. I know a program that can save you from losing acces to your computer because of a forgotten password.
    I can easily reset your forgotten password and you can use your computer again :)
    here it is:

  10. Thanks Brad V, I was debating weather or not to complete a form. now I will not.

  11. Brad VanHorn says:

    Personally, I would NEVER give microsoft my cell number. Ever in a billion years.Not on a Tuesday, nor a Friday. Not with eggs or green ham. There are far too many sites out there trying to get your cell number, do not give it up.

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