Why Your Internet Service Sucks

February 20, 2013 by in tips

Why Your Internet Service Sucks

Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age — a new book from telecommunications policy expert Susan Crawford that calls the state of Internet access/service in the United States a national crisis.

…we are being gouged: We are all paying too much for services that are both uncompetitive and second-class, and not enough Americans are being served adequately by reasonably priced, world-class services.
One on One: Susan P. Crawford, Author of ‘Captive Audience | nytimes.com | Brian X. Chen| Feb 19, 2013

At the heart of the problem lie a few powerful companies with enormous influence over policy making. Both the wireless and wired markets for high-speed Internet access have become heavily concentrated, and neither is subject to substantial competition nor oversight.

How to Get America Online | nytimes.com | Susan Crawford | January 23, 2013

Crawford suggests that sub-standard internet service in the US will not be addressed until “Americans…realize that compared to other countries, they are paying more for less and leaving behind many of of their fellow citizens. As things are, the United States will be unable to compete with nations whose industrial policy has been more forward-thinking.”

If other countries are beating us in both speed and price, then it’s time for us to change our expectations, and start demanding something better. Have your doubts? Take a look at your most recent Internet service bill, and think about the fact that people in Hong Kong can get a 500Mbps symmetric fiber connection for just $25 per month, and tell me you’re happy with the way things are.
The Digital Self: Admit it, U.S. Internet service sucks | digitaltrends.com | Andrew Couts | Feb 19, 2013

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