Beware of these Facebook Scams

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Beware of these Facebook Scams

By Stu Sjouwerman, for Security Awareness Training

Facebook is loved far and wide by scammers. It’s a great pool of an almost unlimited amount of victims, most of whom are gullible enough to fall for the most simple scams. Shooting fish in a barrel! Better yet, a bunch of these Facebook users are “endorsing” the scam giving it even more credibility. Incredible isn’t it?

Most people think of Facebook as this secure, walled garden where nothing bad can happen because Zuck is watching out for you. Think again. There are a whole bunch of different categories of scams out there laying in wait. Many of these are recycled with small updates on a regular basis. Here are the different flavors of scams:

- Account related scams
- Free stuff from third parties
- Benefit from (fake) news
- Curiosity Traps

Now, Zeljika Zorz over at has done a great write-up of many of these and I will link to her article at the end. Here are a few that I am quoting:

“Facebook changes its look and functionalities often, but a lot of users dislike any kind of change. This normal human tendency is often misused by scammers who offer bogus Facebook Timeline deactivation options.

Article continued here

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