Fix Windows 8 Metro Tiles that Are Not Responding

November 05, 2012 by in The Windows Club

By Anand Khanse

Fix Windows 8 Metro Tiles that Are Not Responding

Some users, using Windows 8 are finding that their Tiles on the Start Screen, do not work or respond. One of the most common issues some of them have encountered, is when you try to click on a Metro tile nothing happens i.e. it won’t open any application. In this article I’ll suggest you few tips that would help resolve this problem.

Step 1:

According to lot of cases I have come across – in order for the Metro tiles to work, we need our screen resolution to be more than 1024×768. So make sure you have a display resolution on or over 1024×768. To change the resolution Right click on Desktop and click on Screen Resolution.

1 Fix: Metro Tiles are not responding in Windows 8

Step 2:

It’s been reported that if UAC is turned off completely then the Metro applications won’t work properly. So make sure you don’t disable UAC. To check it

  • Click on Control Panel
  • Scroll down and click on “More Settings

2 Fix: Metro Tiles are not responding in Windows 8

  • Click on “User Accounts and Family Safety”

3 Fix: Metro Tiles are not responding in Windows 8

  • Click on User Accounts

4 Fix: Metro Tiles are not responding in Windows 8

  • Then click on “Turn On or Off User Account Control”

5 Fix: Metro Tiles are not responding in Windows 8

  • Make sure the you have set the settings to “Default” as shown in the below picture.

6 Fix: Metro Tiles are not responding in Windows 8

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15 Responses to Fix Windows 8 Metro Tiles that Are Not Responding

  1. use the cmd (open it as an administrator)then type sfc /scannow
    for more find me here @facebook COMPUTER SAVVY

  2. I bought windows 8 as an upgrade, I feel I went back in time. what a waste of time and money. I should sell my MS stock!

  3. Sergio Romero says:

    windows 8 makes no sense, i thought microsoft was uprgading their technology
    …. real loosers…

  4. Sergio Romero says:

    windows 8 is just pathetic

  5. wallstreetpirate says:

    nothing fixed the problem :(

  6. jr sims says:

    Every suggestion here is bogus. This is a serious windows problem. Don’t tell me I have to remove my antivirus to make the metro windows work!! Fix Windows 8!!!

  7. JohnBlue says:

    All th tricks on UAC, resolution and iCloud removal – all no go. This is als the third lot of useless suggestions.

    Lucky I am using standard laptop hardware.

    Use Ubuntu

  8. Peeko says:

    Its your antivirus program.

    You need to move the app files (“app.html” or default.htm) out of the untrusted to trusted group in the security settings.

    In kaspersky, this is under settings > application control > applications. The app files probably have a red icon next to them; turn em green and it works!

  9. Bob Brock says:

    Suggestion before adding any apps make a backup recovery point! I had the same problem, I found after many hours testing and restoring that the registry cleaner's apps I was using and I tried a couple, tiles completely stopped working! Apparently they were removing something from the REG that should not have been cleaned!

  10. I have the same problem with Wait. Tiles won't work even if the resolution and the UAC are OK. They start working when install and then they stop working.

  11. Donald Rolfe says:

    I totally agree. Hangs up on nearly every corner making it very slow…zzzzzzzzzzzz.

  12. henry says:

    I had the same issues with tiles being suddenly dead. After investigating I found that this happened after I updated iCloud console… Once removed, all worked well again.

  13. Jeff Clark says:


  14. sjoseph says:

    all these methods not working.u know what windows 8 is a mess.

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