5 Awesome Windows 8 Tweaks

5 awesome windows 8 tweaks

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez for

5 Awesome Ways to Tweak Windows 8

We’ve already discussed on and on about Windows 8′s features and some of the possible outcomes in the final build of the operating system. However, we haven’t really touched base with many of the possible tweaks that could be done to improve the functionality of the system, particularly when you want Windows 8 to run a bit faster or turn into a more convenient OS for you. Some of the tweaks we discuss today might work in Windows 7, but all of them certainly pertain more to Windows 8, its desktop, and its features. Let’s have a look!

1. Use a 4-Digit PIN to Log In to Windows Instead of a Password

While Windows 8 might still integrate the logon capabilities of its predecessors, it also adds a bit of a twist: You can log in to Windows 8 using a 4-digit PIN code. Since several applications in the banking and telecommunications industries use PIN codes, it might be simpler to log in with a PIN code for those who are used to this kind of authentication. However, the Windows 8 PIN authentication method was chiefly designed to make the authentication process simpler for those with touchscreens, who would take upwards of 30 seconds to type in a complex alphanumeric password.

If you would like to use a 4-digit PIN, click the “Control Panel” tile in the Metro UI once you’ve logged in.

Within the control panel’s “Users” section, search for a button that says “create a PIN.”

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