Enterprise CIO Forum: Surprising Impact of IT Investments

By John Dodge for Enterprise CIO Forum

A new study reported in the MIT Sloan Management Review just found that IT investments return more to the bottom line than both advertsing and R&D. The study also discovered that IT projects deployed since 1995 have enjoyed a signficant and positive effect on profitability.

This is rare good news for IT departments, whose salubrious impact on the enterprise has always been questioned. Put that in your pipe, Mr. and Ms. CFO…and smoooooke it! Previous studies of this kind usually show that IT has a negligible impact on profitability.

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Article originally appeared at enterprisecioforum.com. Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

John Dodge

John Dodge is an award-winning journalist and newspaperman, who has covered technology and business since 1980. He spent 16 years at PC Week (now eWeek) as news editor and editor and several years as editor-in-chief of engineering magazines EDN and Design News. His personal blog is The Dodge Retort. John Dodge is presently the community manager at enterpriseCIOForum.com, an online community for CIOs sponsored by Hewlett Packard and produced by IDG.

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