Dave’s Computer Tips: Online Credit Card Security – part 3

online credit card security

by Dave Hartsock for Daves Computer Tips

This is the third of a three part series.

OK . . . now your chosen purchase site has passed the SSL test (Part 1) and trust concerns (Part 2). But there’s one last final check (Malware presence) and one final thing you can do to protect your credit card account number and identity. We’ll discuss those two things here and then wrap it all up with a summary.

These articles are lengthy, but a lot of it is explanations. The distillation of the due diligence needed, the actual work you need to do for a comfort level about using a site, is maybe a half hour, probably a little less. That’s not bad when you consider the days, weeks, maybe even months of time and headaches you’ll be saving yourself if you don’t do the necessary due diligence and have to straighten out a mess. And when weighed against the potential for trouble, adequate due diligence comes out much lighter:

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