Our Favorite Tips: Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8

keyboard shortcuts for windows 8

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8

[WIN KEY] Open Metro Start Screen
[WIN KEY] + C Open Charms bar
[WIN KEY] + I Desktop settings, quick access to power/shutdown/restart
[WIN KEY] + <-- or --> Snaps
[WIN KEY] + Up Arrow gives Full screen
[WN KEY] + Down Arrow back to original window state
[WIN KEY] + W Search Settings
[WIN KEY] + F Search Files
[WIN KEY] + D Go to Desktop anytime, from anywhere
[WIN KEY] + . Snap current app to right side
[WIN KEY] + Shift + . Snap current app to left side
[WIN KEY] + , Peek at the Windows desktop
[WIN KEY] + Q Search Apps (from Desktop)
[WIN KEY] + Z (from Start) Display app bar & ALL APPS icon > All Apps display
Rt Clk, when on Start, also, gives app bar w/ All Apps icon
[WIN KEY] + Enter Narrator
[WIN KEY] + K Devices
[WIN KEY] + L Lock Screen
[WIN KEY] + H Share options
[WIN KEY] + P Projector/Display options
[WIN KEY] + R Run a command
[WIN KEY] + U Ease of Access Center
[WIN KEY] + X Quick access to a variety of system functions
[WIN KEY] + PageUp/PageDown multiple monitors, swap which 1 the Start screen is on
[WIN KEY] + PrtScreen Save .png screenshot of desktop in Pictures library
[WIN KEY] + = Magnifier Larger
[WIN KEY] + – Magnifier Smaller
[WIN KEY] + Tab Gives LF Side Panel scroll through open windows (nicer than Alt + Tab)
Alt + Tab Scrolls through open windows
You can just hit Ctrl at the lock screen instead of dragging with the mouse.
Ctrl-Alt-Del Access to lock, switch user, sign out, Task Manager, power, accessibility

You can just hit Ctrl at the lock screen instead of dragging with the mouse.

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  1. some of these such as winkey + tab do not seem to work on the consumer preview. Tested on build 8250.

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