The Windows Club: 10 different ways to Shutdown or Restart Windows 8

March 16, 2012 by in The Windows Club

how to restart or shutdown windows 8

By Anand Khanse

In Windows 8, Microsoft has offered a new start screen instead of the start menu, which many Windows users have been used to seeing over the years. The first time I installed Windows 8 Developers Preview, it was quite a frustrating effort, trying to find the shutdown or restart button in Windows 8. Seeing the number of questions on this topic, I am listing not one, but 10 ways, you can shutdown or restart your Windows 8 computer.

1. Shutdown Windows 8 via Charms Bar

Microsoft has provided the Shutdown and Restart buttons for Windows 8, under Settings in the Charms Bar. To show the Charms bar, press Win+C to open Charms and then click on Settings. Alternatively pressing Win+I will directly open the Settings.

Once here, clicking on Power button will display options to Shutdown, Restart or Sleep the Windows 8 computer.

One quick way to shutdown or restart Windows 8 would be to use our freeware tool called HotShut. This light-weight portable tool, will sit quietly in your taskbar notification area and give you options to shutdown, restart lock and log off. You can also set it to start with Windows 8.

Even more unique ways to shutdown or restart Windows here:

This excerpt is shared with permission from The Windows Club.


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5 Responses to The Windows Club: 10 different ways to Shutdown or Restart Windows 8

  1. Karen Jones says:

    Sorry Microsoft but I truly hate Windows 8. I've been thru most of the Win OS versions throughout the years and while there's always a period of adjustment, there is absolutely nothing intuitive about this and a lot of time is wasted trying to figure out how to perform even the simplest function. And no, the end users were not ready for tiles which look like apps, touch screens, etc. Next time you develop an updated OS, ask someone in the real world, not the techno world, what the average user really wants although they may tell you that what they REALLY want is for you to quit screwing with what works for them.

  2. Tomi says:

    Alt+Tab to switch between programs
    Alt+F4 to close individual program

  3. James H says:

    The one question that is not addressed is how to shut down individual programs short of Task Manager – end process. With the demise of the red “X”, Metro UI programs just run forever until the system is shut down or use Task Mgr. Does anyone have a workaround? Thanks.
    JIM in Fla

  4. amj2012 says:

    it’s easy use win keys see list on the net..

  5. Anton Van Wamelen says:

    use win keys…………

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