AVG Bug kills 64 bit computers

December 03, 2010 by in The Pit Blog

AVG has withdrawn their recent update after reports that it caused an infinite loop on Windows7 64 bit systems. Windows7 32 bit systems were not affected.

This is not the first time AVG has had this sort of problem and it probably won’t be the last.

Here is the exact error message that is received:

“AVG – Installer Error” “A system restart is required in order to continue with the installation. Please restart your system and try again.” Rebooting gets another error message, round and round.

The issue caused a backup on the AVG Official Forums where the following message was issued: “Please be informed that due to the high forum traffic following the release of AVG 2011 and the limited capacity of our moderators, our responses to your posts may be delayed. We are doing our best to answer all posts as quickly as possible.” “We offer our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this situation. “

Here’s a link to some actual AVG forum action. If you arrive at the general forum from above link , add this to the URL and hit enter:


What better way to start your day.

135 Responses to AVG Bug kills 64 bit computers

  1. steve says:

    Been reading, laughing out loud. No one has thought to question if the motherboard bios could be affecting your systems. I have used, for almost 11 years, and will continue to use AVG on all my system builds. There have been bad bios on some motherboards, and usually the maker has a flash bios update. I have run AVG with every version of windows, that it was designed to run on. In all, conservatively, I have installed 4000+ copies of AVG free, on my customers personal home computers. Some are high end gaming machines, and other are home toy internet surfers. In all that time, I can only recall a small handful of problems with virus infections getting in, and that has been after an end user has failed to install the latest version of the updates, and/or program update for AVG. I love AVG and that fact it is free for home use. I will continue to include it on my system builds for all my home computer users to protect them.

  2. Sharon says:

    I have had avg over 10 years and finally after all this time pc crashed cause of avg bug virus that swipe my hardware after seeing avg warnings and all kinds of stuff came on my screen from avg and wanted a upgrade then bloop there goes everything. I had to buy a new hardware costing me $80 buxs and i have to get a pc repair person to look at the hardware to get my programs to work now.. Thanks alot avg your so done with me. I have never been so mad and having to spend out of pocket expenses that i didn’t have and had to borrow money. I am still out of a pc to this day. This happen in the beginning of december. I will not go back to avg now. No way. I think something should be done to make avg company to pay for all the damages done that we have had to pay out of our pockets due to their bug virus to doing to our pc. That is just not nice. That is down right mean. Sorry all but it how i feel right now. Have a good and merry christmas. Avg your worthless after this crap happen to me. Using someone pc to get on here. Have a good day.

  3. Ryan Romero says:

    I used AVG for years. No one or Nothing is perfect. They fixed the problem and life goes on. I still use it just like right now, and personally never experience any problems with AVG 2011 on my Win 7 64 bit op system. And if its that hard on judgement, Windows itself sucks, PCs Suck, and the list goes on and on. You all know what i’m talking about if you have the slightest idea about computers.

  4. Mark says:

    Had this problem, and could not even get into the system after installing. Completely locked up. Had to restore in safe mode to the prior day. Have Windows 7 64-bit running on i7 Quad processor w/6gb. Had this for 6 months, no problem. Also have used AVG for years. Tried the paid version a while back….crap! Crashed or locked up constantly. Uninstalled, and went back to free version. It’s also faster than the paid version…go figure!

    Except for this latest SNAFU, the AVG program seems to work adequately. Have used it on probably 9 computers in various configurations (since Win98) and no problems. One thing to consider….programs run CONSIDERABLY faster w/virus checker removed. But that’s the price I’m willing to pay for piece of mind. Have had serious infections on unprotected systems….hate it! Running firewall/malware-spyware removal/virus checker. Again, what we pay for sleeping better at night.

  5. James Junior says:

    I Have been using AVG2009 Free for a year now and am satisfied with the 2009 version BUT when the AVG2011 came out I tried installing it on three different computers and got the same response on all three to the install of 2011. All three computers freeze up constantly and that makes it very hard to uninstall because it freezes right in the middle of the uninstall. These computers are all 32 bit Windows XP PC’s, not 64 bit.
    Possibly there is a conflict with another program on these computers such as MalwareBytes Antimalware. Maybe I will uninstall MalwareBytes Antimalware on one computer and install AVG2011 to see if the same thing happens.

  6. Randy Compton says:

    My company has used AVG Network Ed. for the past 3 years. The only issue we had is a prompt to install the toolbar. We run it on 2k3 servers and mostly XP pro sp3 and 7-32bit. I also run the free version on my personal computers (XP pro, Media Center, 32 & 64 bit) with no problems. I would guess that AVG was not playing well with other software on those computers. Probably a windows update. Either way, it sounds like it is isolated to Win7-64bit.

  7. Ivor Bigun says:

    I had a problem with AVG 11 on a XP Pro machine, messed with the broadband connection so much i couldnt use the internet, removed AVG and now using Panda Cloud, No more problems

  8. Layne Flora says:

    I can not believe all you people use those lame programs! “Vipre”,from Sunbeltsoftware; should be the only program you use for a safe computer experience. Get smart with the leader of the industry and quit whinning!

  9. Jamia says:

    Had a trial AVG Pro on my XP that kept wanting me to reboot. When I wanted to downgrade to free, I had to uninstall zone alarm before I could then change to free. Reinstalled zone alarm, running free avg, but it also kept wanting me to reboot. Also get a message that an unapproved plug and play was trying to install on my computer. I finally have blocked avg from any internet access until I have time to find a replacement and do the uninstallation rigmarole.

  10. Taryn says:

    Everyone is downtalking AVG over their problem with this latest update. Just to point out, no I don’t work for them. I’m just a modest PC user at home that has taught myself everything I know about building and maintaining my own computers and have been building computers for my family and friends. I only got my first computer 6 years ago and was doing good to find the power button. Anyway, the way you are all going off on AVG, if you acted like this to microsoft, it would have never made it past 3.0. Yes, the problem is only on Win7 64 bit systems. keep in mind that Win Vista was the start of the new code and that that code was readjusted for Win7. Also, not all Win7 64bit computers are affected. it is impossible for any software manufacturer to prvent problems with all PC configurations.

  11. Sammy says:

    Panda Cloud for me! Hated AVG & Avast.

  12. Calvert says:

    I have own a Mac and now an IPad, why? I do not have the type of problems expressed her with virus infections.

    Bottom line.
    Get a MAC.

  13. Hannes says:

    I also have a problem. My AVG 2011 is running fine on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, as long as I do not enable the Link Scanner. Then it kills my internet.

    Anybody else that have this problem?

  14. Trevor Lohmann says:

    I have windows 7 ultimate x64 installed on my laptop and was working great until I put on 2011 AVG internet security! What a heap of crap AVG is!! AVG crashed my laptop so badly I have to reinstall Windows 7 again and lost everything I had on my laptop!! Never again will I have anything to do with AVG!!!

  15. Bob says:

    My computer running windows 7 ultimate x64 gradually deteriorated and crashed. I do not use AVG and as far as I know have never used it. However, when I finally found the problem, it was AVG8. Must have picked it up on the Web. Kaspersky has a special tool for removing.

  16. julie says:

    I use windows 7 64 bit and used AVG free 2011 and had no problems. Perhaps its certain system configuration causing conflicts.

  17. Peter H says:

    I notice no one mentioned Nod32/ESET as a av program. I’ve used it for years with no overload or problems. It is not expensive and is so light on resources, sometimes Windows XP does not even see it. Haven’t tried the 64 bit version as I uninstalled Win 7 Ultimate when I couldn’t find the time to re-learn the new terminology for the old terms. But will soon.

  18. gary says:

    i got an “Infinate Loop” notice.. it quit working, it did an automatic System Restore.. i had to re-instal software…

    i was unhappy with AVG before the crash, it let several Trogens thru, i bought an anti virus program because of it…

    i uninstalled AVG 3 months before it was up, i will never use it again, or recomend it.

  19. james says:

    change to linux or buy a mac and all your problems will be fixed

  20. Dr Kevorkian says:

    After quite a few years using AVG, starting in the late 90′s, along with experimenting with Norton and other retail products, it was time to flush AVG for good last month.

    It became an annoying bloatware product, with the last straw being those nag screens and an annoying gimmick, that animated icon in the system tray. And why does anyone need some moving distraction in the system tray? Unfortunately, AVG found it necessary to jump on this lame trend.

    I have Kapersky waiting to be installed but decided to try MSE. Was it just a coincidence MSE issued an alert during a Malwarebyte scan…..probably not.

    No longer am overly concerned about infections or malware since the best peace of mind is an up to date replacement drive ready to be plugged in. I’m looking at 3 drives which were removed during the past 2 years for various reasons, and they are ready to be renovated and put on stand-by.

  21. Mac says:

    …i have 2011 AVG internet security and i did get the reboot message and i’m running W-7,64 bit,but when it asked me to do a system check/system restore i just cancelled it and rebooted from last best boot and everything was okay….a buddy of mine followed all the prompts and did the groundhog day for awhile.he finally just cancelled too and worked out okay!

  22. September says:

    I work with my husband in his computer store, which he has had this business since 89, and we use Microsoft Security Essentials. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING can be a guarantee when it comes to AV software, but it is nice to get FREE FULL VERSION AV from a very reputable company, especially the one that developed Windows! We have had a lot of good luck with it. I see more and more AVG laden computers come in with viruses, especially the “Security Tool” virus and have to clean them out or re-install windows completely. We also use the free version of Malwarebytes.org and it works great! I tell people to do FULL scans at least once a week at night with both MSE and MBytes, not at the same time of course, but I explain it to them. PLUS! You need to keep up on windows updates more than the automatics. If you have MSE, pick the Optional updates, which more than likely has updates for MSE. Try it, it seems to work for our customers, unless the grandkids or kids get on them. I swear I think viruses are showing up in online games for younger kids so that their parent’s or grandparent’s computers get infected. Just a thought!

  23. roy says:

    Have used AVG for over 10 years. Liked it so well i just bought AVG Internet Security as my previous (Avg 2009) expired last week.

  24. Ronnie says:

    Have been using AVG for over a year now and have had absolutely no problems with it. In fact, it has been the best, most user friendly and versatile anti-virus software we’ve used and that includes McAffee and Trend Micro.

  25. Lee says:

    I was running AVG 2011 on my Vista Home Premuim 64 bit laptop and kept getting restart messages and then when the computer restarted I got the message Windows cannot start and will try to restore. As soon as my system started, I uninstalled AVG (which, thankfully, uninstalled) and the system is OK. Think I will go to AVAST.

  26. noranda says:

    I switched from AVG five years ago and have tried a few different ones but was never entirely satisfied mostly due to ease of use or lack thereof. The best AV I have personally come across is Rising AV. I have used both the full and the free versions and it works great. I’ve used it on friends computers that have been running other AV software and have become infected with a virus. I’ve installed it on a pc running AVG and scanned to find nine different viruses even after AVG had been updated and ran a scan. Bottom line I don’t trust AVG

  27. DavidW says:

    We’re system builders and resellers for AVG. We’ve used their (paid Server Edition) AV on our local network and (Pro Edition) on every computer we’ve built/sold for the last 5 years (Pro Edition). There’ve been a few problems, but nothing major and nothing that any other AV doesn’t suffer from as well. We still test them all every few months to see if anything deserves our business.

    We’ve switched our network over to Avast (free) version because AVG no longer allows users to control settings from their stations (AVG Server Edition), and I can’t have that. I have countless viruses and malware stored on a drive for testing purposes, and have always found that all major AVs are similar. They’ll all catch some things that others don’t, and miss some things that others don’t.

    But there’s big differences on how many resources they use, AVG and Avast being among the easiest on systems. Bottom line is that all AVs now are designed to run on today’s systems. Older computers will suffer with any modern AV scan running, and you’re kidding yourself if you think differently.

    You can only run one AV program on your system, but I’d strongly recommend running Malwarebytes and another (of your choosing) anti-spyware program to catch the vast majority of malware.

    And I’ll say this once again: people who have never run an AV and a few different anti-spyware scans on their system – CAN’T POSSIBLY KNOW IF THEY HAVE MALWARE OR NOT! Its these people who screw up the internet for the rest of us as their botnet systems work in the backround and without their knowledge. :-(

  28. KerryO says:

    PCWorld.com has recommended many things – free & not-free. They have earned my trust & confidence over 12 years. I’ve been using & promoting AVG Free since 2004; with only a few installation problems that were resolved by cleaning & re-installing. I have used AVG Free to clean/repair PCs that McAfee, Norton, Avast, Trend, Avira & MSE failed to ‘protect’. Windows – 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. x86 & x64.
    I have found that many software problems are traceable to ‘total system compatibilities’ of installed software. I prefer AVG Free, 1 son prefers the same, 1 son prefers Avast Free. We don’t have problems. The sons are online hi-speed gamers. Call it dumb luck, but my statistics support my confidence.
    I have not had this or any problems on my two current PCs, or with AVG 2011 Free AV. I have already updated over a dozen PCs with it, & they are running perfectly.
    One caution – get the download from a reputable source – I prefer FileHippo or CNet. Never let me down. Free.AVG performs an online install, & I’ve NEVER liked those, for anything; I download executables & install offline by choice.
    (I also use FREE – Malwarebytes, CCleaner, Cleanup!, Ad-Aware, ThreatFire, WinPatrol. My PCs do not have problems, & malware that gets in is removed & resolved almost daily. FREE is GREAT! Of course, a good firewall is mandatory; the Windows firewall has served me fine from day one.)

  29. Mark says:

    I currently have 6 computers running AVG, 2 of which are win7/64 and have experienced no problems. In the past I decontaminated a friends computer, using AVG free, of issues that Norton could not even see. I have had far more issues with Microsoft updates causing problems over the years than with AVG updates. Remember, each and every time you update or install anything on a computer you are open to the potential of a bad occurance.

  30. By Design says:

    I have read all your comments and would like to say that I’ve used almost everything out there for virus and spyware protection.McCafee, avast, and not to mention Norton thats more wrong then the weatherman. truth be told no matter what you use theres going to be bugs in the program and sooner or later you will get one so keep in mind all these programs and updates are developed by humans and well know ones perfact. so unless you want to shut your system down and read a book,go on a date,or even go to the gym, then just deal with what out there and hope they get it right. yes I am using AVG on my Windows 7 system and have yet to have a problem but that does not mean I won’t.

  31. reggie says:

    updated my avg antivirus and got all the worst trojans , worms you can get …registry absolutely knackered if avg was the cause thanks avg, was running windows 7 64 bit.

  32. Miguel Monse says:

    Hey, you all back off! Okay know one is perfect, a mistake or error is common, run your eyes 24/7 creating a program to keep you safe from virus infections.

    I stand behind AVG, Their Product is “NUMBER 1″

    THANKS FOR BEING THERE AVG, KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK! I am a technician and recommend your product to all my customers.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AVG ROCKS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  33. Ian Ripper says:

    I replaced a pc a while back because nothing I could do would speed up the surfing. The new PC was great then I installed my Bitdefender anti-virus. It slowed down to a crawl. Now all my PCs are on free AVG and work fantastically and have for 2 years. It’s a winner even if resellers don’t make a buck from it!

  34. Cyreno Gloria says:

    And I completely agree with Jim Anderson !

  35. Cyreno Gloria says:

    I use AVG free edition since its first version and I’m a fan of it. Never had any problems, ever. It is light for the system and works great. I have a laptop with Windows 7 64bits and using AVG 2011 with no problems at all. My only concern and complaint about the 2011 version is having to re-start after almost every update, that’s insane and not acceptable.

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