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September 14, 2010 by in PC Matic Blog

It’s our best ever and it’s getting better every day. Here’s a list of the functions that have been added and improved upon since the first release. Don’t think these are the last or the biggest improvements. There are more, big and important, additions just around the corner. If you are a PC Matic owner, you’ll love what’s coming. If you are not a PC Matic owner, you’ll wish you were.


PC Matic

1. Increased Registry Cleaning = you asked for it.

2. Remove old Patch Uninstallers = gain drive space.

3. Change Default Cache size of Internet Connections = faster Internet.

4. Updated the White List to accomidate LimeWire or GOTOMYPC Products = you asked for it.

5. Added the ability to scan and defrag multiple drives = you asked for it.

6. Ability to Skip Defrag = save time, you asked for it.

7. Improve World Rank and Color Coding = read at a glance.

8. Ability to skip Driver updates = save time, more control.

9. Ability to add only specific drivers= = you asked for it.

10. Skip Malware scan = save time.

11. Skip video and Benchmarks = save time.

12. AutoFix = ease of use, save time, you asked for it.

13. Edit Account Profile = increase user control

14. Improve Secheduled Scans to include “Today” = increase use and function.

15. Improve driver installation notification = Installation notification.

16. Scan, analyze and fix System Restore = Save drive space.

17. Notification of firewall interruption = increased user control.

The best is yet to come… and soon.


PC Matic Blog March 9 2010

2 Responses to PC Matic Blog

  1. Rob Cheng says:


    The enhancements are automatically installed each time you run the program.

  2. I have used PC Matic for a few months and find it very good. I hope the enhancements will make it even better. How does a person know when the enhancements are installed.

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