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July 01, 2009 by in most loved, Research


Welcome everyone to a new and very exciting part of PC Pitstop. Roughly a year ago, as part of the incredibly popular OverDrive test, we began collecting user input about PC satisfaction. We began asking the following three questions:

  • * How satisfied are you with this PC?
  • * Is this PC running slow?
  • * Is this PC hanging or requiring frequent reboots?

The satisfaction index is on a four star scale. (1 Star = Very Dissatisfied, 2 Stars = Dissatisfied, 3 Stars = Satisfied, 4 Star = Very Satisfied). We literally have collected millions of responses from all over the world.

Secondly, beginning in late April 2009, in addition to the three questions above, we asked for qualitative comments about the PC. This was the missing piece. User comments democratize the internet. Our group experience will define the success or failure of a product rather than clever marketing campaigns or strong distribution.

So with no further ado, we are announcing the Top 9 Netbooks based on our customer PC satisfaction survey results. A few notes about the results. In order to achieve statistical significance, the results have been filtered to exclude makes and models with low prevalence. This means, that if a model is new and still ramping, it may not yet be included in the charts. Also, very small manufacturers may also be excluded. Here are the top 9 netbooks!

$database = "research";

// *****************************************************
// ****************************************************

$connection = mysql_connect($host,$user,$password) or die ("couldn't connect to server");
$db = mysql_select_db($database) or die ("Couldn't select database");
$query = "SELECT * FROM pcsatsum WHERE unk_mm=0 and isNetbook=1 and cntcid>=100 ORDER BY avgsat desc LIMIT 0,10″;
$result = mysql_query($query) or die (“Couldn’t execute query.”);

echo “

echo “


echo “

style="padding:5px;border-bottom: 1px #6699CC dotted;">Make style="text-align:center;border-bottom: 1px #6699CC dotted;">Model Info


while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
echo “


echo “

PC Pitstop Top Loved Netbooks
As of July 1, 2009

Rank Model Average Satisfaction
echo $rank;

echo “

echo $make2;

echo “

echo $model;
$sat = number_format($avgsat,2);
$starwidth = $sat/4*92;
echo “

echo “

echo “

echo “


echo “


echo $sat;
echo ” out of 4″;

echo “

echo “More Info“;
echo “



17 Responses to Top Loved Netbooks

  1. Lucas Parker says:

    the design of the MSI Wind is similar to the basic netbooks you can find around. the price point of this netbook is cheaper than acer or dell netbooks ‘

  2. Al Roth says:

    P.S. – It would be of use to know how long the respondent had used the unit that they were reporting on in the survey. Also, and this is very important, surveys that are “self-selected” are inherently biased.

  3. Al Roth says:

    I’ve had a horrible experience with ASUS Eee PC and the service center. To make a very long story short, my Eee started to slow down and do unexpected and quirky things about a month after I purchased it. The problems, which were not specific to one or two applications, increased exponentially. These problems included but were not limited to frequent unexpected browser quits, scrolling problems, inability to load dictionary, spontaneous elimination of files (no, I didn’t accidentally erase my class roster), trouble recognizing peripherals (like my printer), error messages that don’t relate to the underlying task, constant crashes, etc.. Dealing with the service center in Fremont CA was nothing short of absurd. I clearly listed the issues. They would call and tell me that there was nothing wrong. I would get it back, and it had the same problems. I returned it to the service department. They called me up and asked me what the problem was. I told them again. They called back a couple of weeks later and asked me what the problem was. I patiently told them yet again. Finally, they said that it was fixed. I picked it up. It had exactly the same issue. Nothing had changed except my age.

    I’m prepared to accept that I had a defective unit. But the service department’s actions made me think otherwise.

    It’s my belief that many manufacturers know that there are inherent problems with their operating systems but play them down when complaints arise.

    Operating systems are more or less stable depending on a number of things. I’m convinced that some OS are very unstable and degrade over a relatively short time. I think that this happens primarily due to the OS’s inability to rid itself of fragments of code from the ever larger number of scripts that it’s inundated with. Wiping the disc won’t fix that problem.

    So, I’m unsure of what exactly is wrong with my ASUS Eee PC. A faulty motherboard sounds likely, but why then would the techs not have found that?

    I do know that I’m about to recycle my ASUS Eee PC.

    RIP ASUS Eee PC 1/5/08 – 12/5/09

  4. kelvin says:

    Why isn’t the Advent mentioned . I use one and it is brilliant

  5. Will says:

    Some specs when you have a chance

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